Resources Elsewhere Online

By all means, visit the Funkabilly Pages at: Poking around in there will acquaint you with the fine points and foibles of my friend, Dominic Schaeffer, front man for Funkabilly and a fine sax player.


In need of a band? Contact Benet Schaeffer at: Besides being a terrific agent, the Bean can bang the drums pretty damn well. Check out any of the dozens of records he's played on. ( Right here on even...)

Rounding out the rhythm section, here's a link to a genealogy page heavily contributed to by my favorite bass player, Tracy Wynkoop: You may not be a Wynkoop, but for decency's sake try to act like one.


Anything by Ernst Cassirer is worth reading. Try this link as an introduction to him:

There's a lot more available online.

The Project Gutenberg edition of "Voyage to Arcturus" by David Lindsay is available here:


Take a walk on the ambient side at Multiphase Records:

Besides lots of good material from my friends Carl Weingarten, Walt Whitney and David Udell, Fo Jammi plays on Carls' "Living in the Distant Present".