Skin Stretched Taut as a Wire Between Moons   


The Magic Glass of Evenings Passed   

magic glass

The Entrance Of Winter/The Entrance Into Winter   

the entrance

Zygotes span the skies o'er chromosomal oceans   

zygote ocean caffeine is good for you   


London is a Forest by Law    london forest
Observing A Ritual of Distance     the observer

Set Thee Down Father, Rest You   


The Green Man versus the Alien Blackberry  

elemental vs alien
fertilization via electro-cthonic discharge    fertilization

Micro-Mariner in Search of an Amoebaetross   

the wanderer

Read "A Voyage To Arcturus" by David Lindsay today  

the scarlet desert

The Lure of Mouse and Magnifier

The first time I zoomed in on a screenful of pixel was like a trans-looking-glass trip for me. I enjoy my paintings a great deal, and occasionally someone actually requests my work. I'm not trained, so anything that produces the desired effect is likely a chain reaction of happy accidents. In the spirit of chance, I commend these collections of numbers to the wind. Enjoy...